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1. General terms
1.1. This site is managed and supported by LAVIEWMAG.COM team
1.2. This Agreement establishes the terms and conditions, as well as determines the procedure for using the site www.laviewmag.com (hereinafter – the Site), including:
-terms for using materials posted on the Site;
– terms of placement of materials (including but not limited to textual materials, images, comments).
1.3. Use of the Site means the consent of Internet users to comply with these terms and conditions.
1.4. If you do not agree to these terms and conditions, please do not use this site.
1.5. The LAVIEWMAG.COM team reserves the right to change these terms and conditions. Messages on such changes will be posted on this page. Any changes come into effect from the moment of their placement. Use of this Site means your acceptance of all changes and amendments to these terms and conditions.


2. Terms of use of the materials, placed on the Site
2.1. The site contains copyrighted material, trademarks and other legally protected materials, including, but not limited to texts, photographs, videos, graphic images, music and sound works. Each of the materials is an object of intellectual property, protected in accordance with the provisions of international law and the legislation of the Republic of Azerbaijan on copyright and related rights.
2.2. The LAVIEWMAG.COM team owns the right to use the content of the Site, including the right to select, arrange, organize and transform data, except as noted separately in the content of the materials posted on the Site. The team LAVIEWMAG.COM reserves the right, but does not undertake to view, edit, move or delete any material posted on the Site, in its sole discretion and without notice.
You can access and display content from the Site on computer screen, print separate pages on paper (but not photo copy them) and save these pages in electronic form on a disk (but no on any server or other drive connected to the web) for personal, non-commercial usage.  
Use of the materials from Site for commercial or other similar purposes is prohibited and not allowes without written permission of the owners of LAVIEWMAG.COM or other legal owner. The use of the object of intellectual property with the written permission of the right holder is not allowed without notification of copyright ownership or with the change or exclusion of the author’s name and/or trademark, unless other conditions are established in the permit itself.
2.3.Besides connecting to LAVIEWMAG.COM servers via HTTP- requests using a web browser, you should not attempt to access LAVIEWMAG.COM servers by any other means, including but not limited to using administrator passwords, under the guide of an administrator during the use of the Site or another way.
2.4. You agree not to break, change and prevent work of the Site or related software, hardware and server by any means. In addition, you agree not to change or  manipulate any information or materials place on the Site or related to it.
2.5. You acknowledge that the team of LAVIEWMAG.COM does not review and does not necessarily endorse the contents of all sites referenced from this Site and is not responsible for the content or activities of any other sites referred to by this Site. The transition to any other service or site from this Site is at your own risk.


3. References
3.1. Any third party site, referring to the Site, shall not:
– Create frames, or any other browser, or any boundaries around the content of this site;
– assume that the LAVIEWMAG.COM team supports or approves the products or services of this site;
– use any trademarks owned by LAVIEWMAG.COM and published on LAVIEWMAG.COM without the prior permission of LAVIEWMAG.COM
– violate the intellectual property right or other rights of any person;
– be a site content of which can be interpreted as hurtful, offensive or contradictory.
3.2. The LAVIEWMAG.COM team reserves the right to require that any link violating any of these conditions to be removed, as well as the right to take any actions that the LAVIEWMAG.COM team deems appropriate.


4. Violation of copyright
4.1. The LAVIEWMAG.COM team takes all measures for protecting the copyright of all intellectual property objects placed on the Site. In the case of circumstances, including those indicating copyright infringement or evidence of a disrespectful attitude, the LAVIEWMAG.COM team reserves the right to restrict access to users for the purpose of protecting intellectual property.
4.2. In case you own information that indicates a copyright infringement on the Site, or if the Site contains links to another site that contains similar material, please provide us with this information.
4.3. Actions of the LAVIEWMAG.COM team to prevent violations of intellectual property do not limit the ability of right holders to independently exercise their rights for protection.


5. Additional regulations
5.1. You acknowledge that you use the Site at your own risk. The site is used on an “as is” basis and within the limits permitted by applicable law.
5.2. The LAVIEWMAG.COM team does not offer and does not guarantee uninterrupted access to the Site, as well as the absence of failures, errors, deficiencies or loss of transmitted information and non-possibility to infect viruses while using the service.
5.3. The LAVIEWMAG.COM team is not liable to users for any direct, special, indirect or punitive damages arising from access to or inability to access the Site, including liability for viruses that could be obtained while using the Site or the information and materials of the Site , regardless of the type of claim or nature of the claim, even if there was no warning of the possibility of such damages.


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